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We offer a variety of testing modalities in order to support clients with their physical and emotional well being. These include diagnostic labs for metabolic, mitochondrial and environmental factors that affect mental health. Included in these labs is a full report as well as a meeting to walk the client through results and answer any questions.

We also provide psychological testing for children ages 6 through 18 years of age for struggles including learning or developmental difficulties, and behavioral issues such as inattention or hyperactivity. Each assessment includes a full set of tests that measure IQ, mood, adaptability and executive functioning. These are formally known as a full psychological battery. Per clinical judgment, we may then administer the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition; the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Third Edition; the Behavior Assessment Scales for Children, Third Edition; the Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales and/or the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition depending on the needs of the client.

At the conclusion of psychological testing, the client will be provided with a psychological report that can be used for schooling or accommodations purposes. At this time, we do not bill insurance, but can provide a superbill for families to work with their insurances privately.

Diagnostic Labs

These labs are completed by an outside laboratory, after which our clinician will receive the results, write a report, and then review it with the client in order to understand the results and how to proceed for their health and well being.

*Please note that these tests are not billable to insurance. We will provide paperwork for you to file paperwork with you insurance company if you desire, but we highly recommend you check with your insurance company before filing as many tests are not covered. We cannot bill out of network for these tests. 

  • Organic Acids Test

    • $375 for the lab and report

    • Looks at neurotransmitters and nutrient deficiencies to support mental health

  • Vitamin D Panel

    • $100 for the lab and report

    MycoTOX Profile

    • $365 for the lab and report

    • Addresses fungal and mold issues in the gut that can affect mental health

  • Amino Acids Test

    • $375 for the lab and report

  • Heavy Metals Hair Test

    • $235 for the lab and report

Psychological Testing

Testing Includes:

  • 3-4 Hour 1st Session

  • Scoring

  • Report Writing

  • 1 Hour Feedback Session

  • 11-12 Hours total

  • $1600


We do not currently contract with any insurance companies for psychological testing. We do offer payment plans for tests over $500. 

We are able to provide paperwork for you to file claims with your insurance company for possible reimbursement, if desired. However, we do not file out of network claims.

About Our Testing:

Our clinicians strongly believe that you come to us because you desire not only a professional, but personal connection. Because of this, we will not utilize digital testing for any situation where the scores might be affected by outside factors. 

We believe that the client should be seen and heard in the diagnostic process. Each assessment will involve meeting with the client for a significant period of time. 

We want to make certain that you have time to ask questions and to understand the results of the test; because of this, a feedback session will be scheduled 3-4 weeks following the test to meet with the psychologist again. 

You Will Receive:

  • A Full Comprehensive IQ test

  • A Full Psychological Battery

  • An Executive Functioning and Adaptive Skills Assessment

  • A Mood Measurement

  • A Full Report- appropriate for 504/ IEP support

  • Follow Up Resources, Support, and Referrals

*If the clinician is confident the diagnosis does not apply within the first hour, the session will be terminated and the cost will be $150 as a consult for the assessment.

Additional Testing Supports:

Attend School Meetings:

  • $150/Hour, to include travel time
    -No Travel Outside of Jefferson County

Giftedness Evaluation:

  • Cost: TBD

"Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it." Brené Brown

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